Ronco s. Ascona - Porera - Rasa

Ronco s/Ascona

Beautiful and not overly demanding hike in a stunning natural setting.

It starts from Ronco sopra Ascona, which can be reached by public transport. The first uphill section, which leads to the Casone, is the most hard but offers spectacular views of Lake Maggiore, the Brissago Islands, and the Gambarogno mountains across the lake.

Then the trail winds slightly downhill, on a north-facing slope, through the dense and wild woods that characterize Centovalli (beware of possible snow in springtime).

The hike ends in the picturesque 16th century village of Rasa, located at 898 meters above sea level on a magnificent natural terrace surrounded by extensive pastures and dense woods a true gem, reachable only on foot or by suspended cable car from Verdasio. In Rasa, grab a bite to eat at the local grotto, where you can taste typical cured meats and cheeses.

From here take the suspended cable car down to Verdasio, from where you can get on the train to Locarno.

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