Salmone Trail


What comes to mind when you hear the words 'complete freedom'? We think of grass kissed by the morning dew glistening in the sun; tall peaks with their boundless views; endless trails; dense, shady forests; and brightly coloured flower meadows.

Itinerary for trail runners

From Loco (670 m), where a brief look around the small village centre is recommended to view the typical Ticino houses, the route heads north. Without gaining much height, you remain in dense forest until you reach the clearing of the valley floor and a small group of houses at the foot of the Garina Pass.

From Mulegn the route descends gently to Auressio, where the steep ascent to Cortone (1000 m) begins: once there you have views over much of the Onsernone valley, which is still very wild.

The last climb over the west ridge is an easy one up the Pizzo Salmone (1553 m). Once at the top, you are high above Lake Maggiore.

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