San Carlo - Cristallina - Ossasco

San Carlo

In all of its new splendour, and from summer 2004 on the sunlit slope, the Capanna Cristallina is a modern cabin which is well worth a visit. Swept away by an avalanche, it was rebuilt in a more secure area with maximum sun exposure and was inaugurated during summer 2004.

The beginning of the hike, in San Carlo, which is reachable by via PostBus from Locarno, then by a relaxing funicular ride to Robiei. From there, you can follow a road that leads to Lago Bianco, then you can continue on a marked trail up to Lago Sfundau. Follow the trail towards Passo Cristallina (time required: 2.5 hours).

Arriving at the hut, you will realise there is not just rustic simplicity waiting for you. The architecture of the hut, situated at 2575 m a.s.l., is modern yet still blends into the landscape. The mountain is still a fine open space, notwithstanding the construction of the hut. The Capanna Cristallina is one of the biggest in the Swiss Alps and offers everything that can restore and refresh tired hikers. Around the hut there is a succession of rocks which attract rock climbers and climbers alike, or you can cast your gaze over Lago Sfundau and the Ticinesi mountain peaks, such as Pizzo Basòdino. Marshy areas with small ponds and white snow patches paint a picturesque landscape.

From the hut, you can follow a trail that takes you to Val Torta; from there you arrive at the Cristallina Alps and descend into the warm Val Bedretto, near Ossasco. The descent takes approximately 3 hours. From Ossasco there is a bus to Airolo.

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