Through the realm of the majestic silver fir



After making your way through the first fascinating little settlements, then venturing into the rugged Onsernone Valley, you will discover a natural treasure set on the steep rocky walls of the mountain. The Onsernone forest Reserve is a world unto itself, far removed from human activity, where a very special atmosphere approaching that of primordial nature reigns supreme.

This excursion, which covers the opposite slope between the towns of Crana and Comologno, both served by a PostBus stop, offers the chance to explore the lesser known side of the Onsernone Valley.
After crossing the River Isorno and following an initial uphill section through young woodland, you will come to an environment where the trees have been left to grow without intervention for many years.
Large firs alongside younger trees, dead trunks still standing and others lying on the ground as they slowly decompose, wood in contact with the soil being transformed slowly into humus and providing a home for a myriad of living creatures. Soft light filters through the tree tops, making this the perfect place for a restorative nature excursion.

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