Val Calnègia: the suspended valley


The Calnègia Valley widens above Foroglio where the mountains have been shaped by one cataclysm after another. The ascent along this valley should be approximately 3km but the difference in altitude is only 200m. Since inaccessible peaks surround the valley, there is hardly any sunshine during the winter months.
The three fallows that need to be crossed however are evidence of intense activity.
The first of these, Puntid, situated just a little after the beautiful gorge, with its neatly cut grass, inviting huts and elegant bridge.
The second, Gerra, which owes its name to the extensive flood zone, stone is without doubt the dominating material. Cave-like dwellings have been dug out from beneath the rocks here and used as storage space for dairy products as well as for seeking shelter from the heat.
Numerous cellars have been created beneath the boulders in the last one, Calneggia, as well.

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