Via Alta Idra

The trail begins at the Novena Pass at an altitude of 2,000 metres, easily accessible by means of the PostBus and close to the springs that form the source of the River Ticino, and runs all the way to the mouth of the river at Lake Maggiore. Keeping to the highlands, far from settlements and communication routes, the trail links twelve alpine refuges, thus limiting the differences in altitude and offering stages of varying lengths and levels of difficulty: some are exclusively for very experienced hikers, while others are suitable for families. Thanks to the connections with the valley, it is possible to tackle stages individually or to link them up as preferred to create a personalised itinerary.

Day 1: Corno Greis - Cristallina
Day 2: Cristallina - Garzonera
Day 3: Garzonera - Leìt
Day 4: Leìt - Campo Tencia
Day 5: Campo Tencia - Alpe Sponda
Day 6: Alpe Sponda - Barone
Day 7: Barone - Cògnora
Day 8: Cògnora - Efra
Day 9: Efra - Cornavosa
Day 10: Cornavosa - Borgna
Day 11: Borgna - Monti Motti
Day 11a: Borgna - Albagno
Day 12: Monti Motti - Tenero campings

Copyright fotos: M. Volken

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