Detox retreat (5 days) at CHIVA SUN, Brione s/Minusio


Brione s/Minusio
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Detox - harmful substances that have been deposited in our body due to stress, unhealthy nutrition, harmful environmental influences and stimulants should leave the body in a gentle way. The purification of the internal organs, the appropriate diet, exercise and supporting therapies will lead you to a complete new feeling of well-being in this 5-day program under the direction of Gabriela Ghenzi:

Entry analysis
Nutritional principles
Consultation & final check
Passage salt, detox tea
Guided training (yoga, stretching, fascia balls)
2 therapies according to consultation
1 detoxing body peeling
1 beauty treatment
2 detoxing footbaths

Package price: CHF 1'790 per person


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