Escursione nella natura in treno e funivia


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By train to heaven

Near your home there is an earthly paradise waiting for you: it's called Centovalli. Hundreds of kilometres of excursions through uncontaminated places, art and culture.A condensate of emotions all to experience. There is no need to go to the tropics for such intense greenery or such an uncontaminated landscape.

Discover the combined tickets (train + cable car)

Locarno – Intragna + Funivia Intragna - Pila -Costa Locarno – Verdasio + Funivia Verdasio – Rasa
22 CHF (Adults)
11 CHF Children (6-16 years)

Locarno – Verdasio + Funivia Verdasio – Monte Comino
27 CHF (Adults)
17 CHF Children (6-16 years)

Children (0-6 years) for free

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