10 ways to discover the valleys... at your own pace

Experience the valleys in a different way: more ecological, more aware, more sustainable. A way of travelling respectfully, close to nature and the local population, but which also allows you to perceive the beauty of the places and traditions more intensely.

Ten suggestions for tours of several days to discover the valleys of the Ascona-Locarno region at your own pace, respecting nature, the inhabitants and the environment. Walk through characteristic villages and woods that seem straight out of a storybook and be surprised by the hidden treasures of a wild and lush nature.

Exploring the valleys on foot instead of by car is not only better for the inhabitants and nature, it also allows you to have a unique experience in the company of people you love, strengthens friendships and creates memories. Spending a few days in the valleys exploring on foot, opens up opportunities to connect with locals as you stroll through the village or have a coffee in the bar. By visiting the valleys and their exceptional natural and cultural beauties, you will discover a new form of well-being and freedom in the midst of nature, bringing an enhancement to the places you visit. Discover all the details of the itineraries and places of interest and start planning your holidays in the valleys of the Ascona-Locarno region.

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