Thematic trails in Ticino

Fourteen interesting thematic trails on culture, history or nature can be found in the Ascona-Locarno region. On each trail there are curiosities, untouched nature and breathtaking views to be discovered.

Stories of the past, culture and nature characterise the region of Ascona-Locarno. The thematic trails take you to places where past and present merge into one.

Madonna del Sasso

La regione del Lago Maggiore è nota per la sua varietà, la sua ricca storia e una natura ottimamente preservata. In questa regione eterogenea e talvolta ancora un po’ selvatica l’interazione tra uomo e natura ha sempre avuto grande importanza.

This is reflected in some of the fourteen thematic trails that are ready to be explored. Others focus on culture, tradition or art. Each of the fourteen thematic trails tells its own story and is a journey into the past with arrival in the present. A way to discover the region in an exciting way and get to know its history and culture. Important personalities, characteristic buildings and unique natural spectacles. Whether in town, by the lake, in the valleys or in the forest, embark on this fairytale journey and let yourself be enchanted.

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