Lakes and rivers

The clear emerald green waters are not only a symbol of the Caribbean. Visit the Verzasca Valley and discover that paradise is only a few steps from home.

Lavertezzo, Valle Verzasca

Summer at Lake Maggiore is always unforgettable! A long and narrow lake with many shores for swimming or sunbathing, public or natural beaches, slides and water activities and, last but not least, relaxing green areas.

A boat excursion will allow you to discover the region’s most hidden corners, or will get you to the Brissago Islands, a real botanical jewel.

Advancing into the valleys’ green waters, surrounded by rocks and stones, you will find yourself immersed in a natural paradise. It is not by chance that both the Verzasca and the Maggia Valleys are favorite destinations for many tourists who are mesmerized by the flowing clear waters.  You will also find water high up in the mountains, in the middle of hiking trails: the Alpine lakes, with their crystalline colors, are another attraction of our spectacular mountains.

The lush beauty of mountain rivers can conceal great dangers too. Enjoy your day without any nasty surprises by reading our recommendations on safer rivers!

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