Andrea Marchetti

Interview with the president of Harley Davidson Club Ticino

Andrea Marchetti

How does it feel to travel on the open road on your motorbike?

Affiliation. Harley-Davidson. An icon bearing the name of two friends who shared a dream. The feelings start when I put on my Harley-Davidson Club Ticino jacket. Whether I’m alone, with my wife or other people, I feel part of a big family.
Reinvigorating. The roar of the engine, the vibrations of the frame and the feeling of fresh air on my face never fail to recharge my batteries, which can run out quickly in a society like ours.


What is your favourite tour in Ticino? What are your favourite pit-stops? (Grotto, vantage point…)?

From the Magadino minigolf, to the Ospizio San Gottardo hotel passing by Astano pond, it doesn't really matter where you go. The journey is what matters, not the destination. You can take the same route every day and always experience something different, a new scent or a new take on our extremely beautiful part of the world.


How important is the fraternity/friendship between motorcyclists to you?

If you look carefully below my bike you’ll see a bell attached to the frame. It’s a legend all about brotherhood and friendship.


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Sure, I’d like to bring up the stigma surrounding the Harley-Davidson Club Ticino rallies because of the noise and pollution they cause. Don't forget that these rallies contribute several thousand francs a year to help people in need. Remember, there is always a big heart beneath that leather jacket!

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