Climbing and bouldering

Emotions, yearning, friendship, nature – climbing is associated with many emotions and brings people together. The same is true of Ascona-Locarno, whose pleasant climate means new routes can be explored all year round, and where undiscovered places still exist where you can place your bouldering pad. A climbing and bouldering paradise of gneiss and granite.

Although climbing and bouldering are not new activities, they've been in vogue for some time. They both require a great deal of technique and skill, and much of their popularity is down to the fact that they're practised in the great outdoors. For many climbers, the activity goes beyond sport – it's a lifestyle, an attitude. It's about finding limitless freedom in nature and testing your limits.


The Ascona-Locarno region is popular with climbers because climbing is possible all year round and appeals to all proficiency levels.

The climbing near Lake Maggiore such as in Arcegno and Balladrum offers fabulous views, while the spectacular routes in the valleys are nestled in alpine scenery. Climbing spots in the Vallemaggia include Ponte Brolla, Someo and Brontallo, while bouldering is popular in the Val Bavona. Eus and Poncione d'Alnasca in the Verzasca valley are good for sport climbing, while boulderers make for Brione. Russo in the Onsernone valley is particularly popular as a climbing spot in winter.

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