What are your limits?

What comes to mind when you hear the words 'complete freedom'? We think of grass kissed by the morning dew glistening in the sun; tall peaks with their boundless views; endless trails; dense, shady forests; and brightly coloured flower meadows. Getting away from it all for a moment and breathing in nature in all its purity. Switching off for a moment and becoming one with yourself. Pushing oneself to one's limits for a moment. The Ascona-Locarno region offers perfect trail running conditions where devotees can really let off steam away from the beaten track. Whether your plan is to get to know the amazing scenery, go as high as you can or simply clear your head, the trails range from easy for beginners to technically demanding for experts, and from the lake and palm trees to the majestic Basodino glacier. Either way, you'll find the beauty of the countryside mesmerising and the silence fascinating. The world above Lake Maggiore is magical and peaceful. With a little luck you'll see wild animals such as deer, chamois or ibex, and there are local specialities to be sampled in the alpine huts.

Discover the numerous trails of the Lake Maggiore region: they lead high up through the terrain while offering fantastic views, sweat-inducing climbs, technical descents and unforgettable emotional moments. Let's go!

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