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Through the figure of one of the leading emerging artists from Ticino, Marco Scorti (Lugano, 1987, working in Geneva) this exhibition aims to reason about important issues in the relationship between artist, viewer
and the world in which we live. In particular, it deals with the concepts of landscape and reality and realism.

In this exhibition there is also another new series of acrylics on canvas by Scorti. These are long and narrow "slits" in which a natural environment is peered through a slit in a wall. Here the landscape can appear as an escape, while the de/recomposition of seemingly real landscapes in polyptychs already painted and exhibited by Scorti can be read as an escape from it, from a given landscape, and where even the last brushstroke is perhaps a conceptual escape, that from the search for the maximum possible definition in representing what the artist sees.
The exhibition is completed with individual panels of polyptychs that on this occasion return to Scorti "on loan" after being acquired by collectors and with a few small works, including gouache on paper. This exhibition at la rada is part of Trunkenheit ohne Wein (Jugend ist) - verse of Goethe - program of shows focused on the young Swiss scene, supported by the Swiss foundation Pro Helvetia.
The exhibition opens Friday June 21st at 6 p.m. in via della Morettina 2, Locarno, and will be visible until Saturday, July 27th, with free admission and opening hours from Thursday to Saturday, from 2 to 7 pm, as well as on appointment that can be made by writing to [email protected] or calling the numbers +41 76 4391866 or +39 320 4866373. Thanks to the collaboration with the management of the Locarno Festival, on the last day of opening, Saturday July 27th at 6 pm, a special setting up will be inaugurated in the PalExpo/FEVI based on twelve large prints of works by Marco Scorti, an installation that will be visible during the 2019 Festival, with high

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