Funivia San Carlo-Robiei


Aufgrund des Unwetters ist diese Anlage/Einrichtung vorläufig nicht zugänglich und bleibt aus diesem Grund bis auf Weiteres geschlossen.

The San Carlo-Robiei cable car was built in the 1960s and enabled the construction of the hydroelectric plants of the Officine idroelettriche della Maggia SA (Robiei power plant and dam, Zött dam and Cavagnoli dam). It is still used year-round as a means of transportation at high altitude for personnel involved in the maintenance of the power plants.

Open to the public during the summer months, it transports an average of about 20,000 people a year to Robiei and offers tourists, mountain lovers and fishermen quick and comfortable access to the magnificent alpine landscape at the foot of the Basodino glacier with its countless alpine lakes and hiking trails. The large cabin has a capacity of up to 96 people.

The cable car's starting point, San Carlo in Val Bavona, is about a 1-hour ride from Locarno, and is also well accessible by public transport.

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