Valle Onsernone

Considered the wildest valley in the whole region, the Onsernone Valley is the ideal destination for those seeking both originality and peace of mind. The rustic buildings, reminders of hardship and poverty in times past, merge with the impressive, refined houses, some from the 1500's, which were built by émigrés who made their fortunes in France or Italy. Villages such as Auressio, Loco and Russo nestle in picturesque scenery which has fascinated and attracted artists, writers, and lovers of nature in every period.

The Onsernone Valley offers multiple itineraries for hikers: alps, summits (from 1'500 to 2'500 meters above sea level), rivers and streams of clear water, ideal for fishing or simply relaxing in.

Or visit the “Bagni di Craveggia”, thermal baths that have been appreciated since 1200 and have recently been redone. Do not forget the restored old mills, that keep grinding corn and produce the traditional "farina bona", a highly appreciated typical product that is extracted from toasted corn. Come and taste it!

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