Touring in the Lago Maggiore and valleys region

Discover the region's most beautiful spots

Winding roads leading into the valleys and walks along the palm-lined lake: this is the essence of the Ticino dolce vita of travelling. Thanks to its privileged location and mild climate all year round, the Lago Maggiore and the surrounding valleys are the ideal destination for a discovery tour of Switzerland. The sunny region along the shores of the Lago Maggiore offers wonderful hikes in wild valleys, where nature and tradition come together in breathtaking sceneries.

A tour at the Lago Maggiore: a magical experience

Right behind one of the most impressive Alpine passes, the Gotthard, you reach Ticino via the famous Tremola road: a unique and unforgettable experience. Once in Ascona-Locarno, you will find plenty of options for excursions. The winding roads that weave through the valleys and the magnificent views along the lake make every road trip a real treat for the eyes and the mind. A great way to discover and get to know the region better. 

Ascona-Locarno: a stage of the Grand Tour of Switzerland

The Lago Maggiore region is one of the stages of the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the discovery voyage through Switzerland. Why is that? Is Ascona-Locarno really so representative of Switzerland? Absolutely! Our region embodies the Mediterranean side of our country: The climate is mild all year round, life by the lake is very relaxed and the palm trees immediately convey a holiday feeling. But once you leave the lake, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of nature and in front of the typical Swiss high-altitude mountains. The valleys around the Lago Maggiore hold many secrets and traditions. With their charming mountain huts, waterfalls, green meadows and colourful forests, they appear to be a true fairytale setting. On an excursion to the valleys, a visit to a grotto, the typical Ticino tavern where traditional specialities based on regional products are served, is a must. Incidentally, two photo spots of the Grand Tour of Switzerland are located in this region, in Ascona and on Cardada

So, off you go on your trip to Ascona-Locarno! By car, by motorbike or even by train - with the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. 

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