Brissago & Ronco s/Ascona

Visit Brissago and reach its islands located in the middle of Lake Maggiore in only a few minutes. Come and discover an impressive small botanical jewel.

Brissago Island

The region benefits from a mild subtropical climate with varied vegetation where camellias and mimosas grow side by side with oaks, chestnuts and gentians. The mountain culminates in the Ghiridone, 2200 metres high.

A harmonious combination of lake and mountains, Brissago brings together north and south in a perfect play of light and colour.

Lake and hills offer wonderful possibilities: sailing, windsurfing, swimming, tennis, boat trips, walks and many mountain hikes as well. A village with a clear tourist call, it also has a local industry in the shape of the Tobacco Factory which is world-famous for its cigars.

Information desk

Ascona-Locarno Turismo
Via Leoncavallo 25
6614 Brissago
[email protected]

Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 13.30-17.00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: closed
24.12.2020 - 06.01.2021: closed

The opening hours during public holidays are subject to change without notice.

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