PAGLIARTE is a young association from the Locarnese region, dedicated to the processing of straw. The social aim is to unite ancient traditions with a modern and dynamic spirit – keep alive the tradition of the working of straw in the Onsernone Valley. Currently consists of numerous sympathizers and six women working in the handicraft production. The association is based in Berzona, in the Onsernone Valley, where a laboratory-shop has been created. There you will find many creations, such as: hats, both traditional and modern, of all colors, bags and belts, table mats and children's crowns.

General information:

Done by using damp rice straw, braided and then stitched with industrial machines for leather sewing.

We make typical and modern products, both with natural and colored straw of any shape and dimension. We seek to realize all your wishes. To give you an impression of the variety of our products, we present our creations.

Prices may vary depending on the method of manufacture and model.

Each artisan is responsible for its products. A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Association as a form of self-financing of PAGLIARTE.

Products can be shipped to those who can not visit the studio. The consignee must, however, accept the shipping costs. PAGLIARTE does not assume liability for any shipping damage. The delivered goods is generally not replaced.


Opening of Pagliarte:
April-May: Tuesday 09.30h-12.00h
June-August: Tuesday 09.30h-12.00h / Friday 14.30h-17.00h
September-October: Tuesday 09.30h-12.00h

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