Cross-country track Sonogno


In Sonogno, in addition to the ice rink, there is also the possibility to practice cross-country skiing.

There are two tracks available: one is located south of the village, next to the municipal parking, while the other one is a red slope of about 5 km that passes in front of the village of Sonogno and continues along the Val Redorta, following the river.

Due to the altitude of the location (918 masml), the condition and viability of the slopes depends on the amount of snow and on the season.


adults CHF 5.00
children til 16 years CHF 3.00

Nearby Sonogno it is also possible to practice snowshoe or simple winter excursions.

Further informations available here: or on the website of the Sci Club Verzasca (in italian only).



  • Nordic skiing