Relaxation in Cardada


Cardada is the ideal place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life due to its idyllic natural landscape and the warmth of its mild climate. Feel at ease walking through the Cardada woods, sit and relax at one of the many restaurant terraces or enjoy the sun and the scenery whilst lying down on the fields of the mountain. There is nothing better than a relaxing day in Cardada to recharge your batteries and go back to your everyday life with your body and mind fully rested.

You will certainly find using the foot sole massage path, located next to the cableway arrival station, to be a highly original recreational activity. Just take off your shoes and walk barefoot along the path, whose surface is made up of various materials, to experience many unusual and particularly pleasant sensations. Walking barefoot is an activity that stimulates the nerve endings in your feet due to the contact with various surfaces, resulting in a sort of foot sole massage that will fill your entire body with a feeling of wellbeing.

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