Sass da Grüm, Vairano

San Nazzaro

Experts consider “Sass da Grüm” a site of high energy and a truly special place on earth, capable of radiating a unique positive power. Sass da Grüm is a rock spur at 660 meters above sea level overlooking the Gambarogno region and offering the most spectacular views on Lake Maggiore, the river Maggia delta and the towns of Ascona and Locarno at the forefront.

In this captivating environment you can recharge your batteries with power and energy while being immersed in the calmness of nature. Discover the new yoga trail and treat yourself to beautiful walks with a great panorama. The mountains, the lake, the soil and the air all around make this a place of power.

Sass da Grüm: a relaxing experience


  • Eco-friendly


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