Terreni alla Maggia SA


The agricultural estate "Terreni alla Maggia SA" was founded in the year 1930. The farm covers about 150 hectares of cultivated land in the communes of Ascona, Locarno and Gordola and are of integrated and ecological agriculture where our produce is grown in one of the most beautiful agricultural land reserves of Switzerland with all the respect nature itself deserves.

At the farm there are crop fields, vineyards and fruit-gardens. In the estate which is close to the protected nature reserve called "Foce della Maggia", an ecological type of agriculture has been maintained for hundreds of years. It's also the first and only agricultural estate that produces rice grown 100% in Switzerland.

The winery is located in Ascona via Muraccio 111 as well as our Wine Shop where our typical products can be purchased:
- Red wine: Il Querceto, Il Giubileo, Barbarossa, L’Usignolo, Melodia, Ascona Riserva, Terra Bella
- White wine: Il Castagneto, La Lepre, Lepre Black
- Rosé  wine: La Pernice, Bondola rosé
- The specialities: Our first BIO wine Cannaiola
- Distillates: different Grappa Ticinese, Nocino (walnut liquor), Ascona Whisky and Gin di Ascona
- Rice from Ticino Loto quality for risotto
- Different polenta flour
- Pasta and many other specialities

Tastings / Visits to the agricultural estate
Your visit allows you to discover a real-life experience of our estate, composed of its corn and rice fields, our vineyards and our wine-cellar. During the tasting you may discover details about the way we produce our goods, and may enjoy the fine wines produced at the "Terreni alla Maggia".

Location: Via Muraccio 111, 6612 Ascona
Duration of the visit/tasting: around 2 hours
Conditions: from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 persons
Period: on demand, the whole year
Price per person: CHF 32.00 (small snack) / CHF 40.00 (medium-size snack)
Languages: I/D/F/E
Accessibility: The wine shop is also accessible by wheelchair.

More info: www.terreniallamaggia.ch.


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