'360°' - Solo Exhibition by Alexandra von Burg



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"360°" - Solo exhibition of Alexandra von Burg

Majid Foundation will inaugurate '360°', the new solo exhibition of painter Alexandra von Burg. The exhibition, which can be visited until 31 July, will allow the public to retrace and appreciate the original creative research that has made the Ticino artist known nationally and internationally and, above all, to admire a preview of the works created during the pandemic, as yet unpublished.

Supported by the intention of illustrating and enhancing her extraordinary expressive freedom, the Fondazione Majid will exhibit a truly extensive collection of 130 paintings, enriched by two interesting and unusual testimonies of the painter's very rare forays into three-dimensionality: the bust-sculpture "La Donna del Mare" and the limited edition dedicated to "I Guerrieri".


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