"DisCorrendo con Samia" - Svizzera




Produzione Teatro Paravento

Eleonora Console, a lawyer, works for an international maritime insurance company. On a daily basis, she experiences the typical situations and feelings of modernity; working remotely, loneliness, anxiety and frustration at seeing many of the humanitarian values that characterised European societies fall one after the other.

During his investigation of containers containing used clothes that fell into the sea, he knocks on his conscience Samia Yusuf Omar, the young Somali athlete who participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and died in the Mediterranean in 2012.

Taking her cue from Samia's story, the character Eleonora Console, will try to understand the different reasons behind the immigration drama and why the indifference currently shown by the vast majority of the European population.

A moving show about the solitude of the jurist Eleonora and her ability, despite everything, to think about the injustices of the world.


  • Theatre