"Freud aveva ragione" - Svizzera




Teatro Paravento
By and with Luisa Ferroni and Gabriella Lucia Grasso

Directed by Miguel Angel Cienfuegos

Who has never thought of happiness as life's most desired ambition? We have always sought it together with pleasure. But how do we reach these two coveted goals? How are we supposed to achieve our happiness and pleasure if we are supported by a society that prescribes more and more rules with sweeteners?
So is it right to lead a life that is all about rigour and plans, or is it better to live in the moment as it is?

The show has the desire to suggest some food for thought about the emotion of happiness, the feeling of pleasure, the thought of madness, the ever-changing and ever-changing roles that can always be reversed, becoming hilarious, tragic, funny, intrepid, brave, misunderstood, proud...

The text of Freud was right was written by actress Luisa Ferroni and songwriter and composer Gabriella Lucia Grasso. A funny text full of hilarious nuances. The music was composed by Grasso with the precious collaboration of Ferroni.
Both on stage, they are directed by director Miguel Ánguel Cienfuegos, a historical figure of the Teatro Paravento.


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