"I Tarocchi" by Gianmaria Potenza



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From 2nd to 30th July, the Majid Foundation in Ascona will host an exhibition dedicated to the artworks of  “Maestro” Gianmaria Potenza, a renowned contemporary artist. The exhibition, entitled "I Tarocchi" (The Tarot Cards), showcases a series of artworks that reinterpret the symbols of the Tarocchi with a unique and innovative style. Potenza combines tradition and modernity, using meticulous materials and techniques to bring arcane and fascinating figures to life. His artworks offer a profound insight into the symbolism, inviting viewers on a visual and spiritual journey that explores universal themes such as destiny and the search for the self.

This exhibition represents an unmissable opportunity to admire Potenza's talent closely and reflect on the connection between the past and present. It is a cultural event of great significance that will enrich the Swiss Artistic panorama.


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