"Return to the River" - Theatrical Adventure




"Back to the river" - theatrical adventure

Short excursion with stories and live music exploring the path of ancient crafts between Borgnone and Lionza. With the support of Banca Raiffeisen Losone Pedemonte Vallemaggia.

Let's play together and collect the materials that nature gives us, rediscovering the crafts of the past and imagining new ingenious practices.

Conducted by Andrea Valdinocci, director, actor and trainer, Lianca Pandolfini, actress, pedagogue artist, Aude Lorillard, actress and musician, and Amelia Prazak, visual artist and set designer

For everyone, adults and children of all ages, with compulsory registration by sending an email to [email protected]

In case of bad weather, the event will be postponed.


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