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The "Saluti dal Ticino" exhibition – Sixth stage

Fifty posters depicting the beauty of the Southern Alps in a dialogue between past and present. The "Saluti dal Ticino" exhibition is being held in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of what is now the Agenzia Turistica Ticinese SA (Ticino Tourist Agency), founded as the Ente Ticinese per il Tursimo (Ticino Tourist Board) in 1972. In addition to 25 works created in various periods of the twentieth century, the exhibition also features 25 posters by contemporary artists. These artists, selected by a panel of judges in early 2022, were able to freely choose the technique they used: from graphic design to illustration to painting. And the result? A journey through the four regions of Ticino, from yesterday to today, to discover an area that has been able to change and transform itself while remaining rooted in its deepest identity. 

The "Saluti dal Ticino" exhibition – cast your vote!

The exhibition will be hosted by several cities in Ticino over the course of 2022. At the end of September, the three contemporary posters with the most votes from the public will be awarded prizes. Visit ticino.ch/jubilee to have your say! Five participants will have the chance to win the book Immagine Ticino and a historical poster.


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