"Uff!" - Svizzera




Bottega del Teatro- Giullari di Gulliver

By and with Antonello Cecchinato, Fedro Mattei, Prisca Mornaghini and Camilla Stanga

The characters in "Uff!" are rather stupid, but they are not bad: they act driven by those forces that move men and their societies. The need to share drives them to create alliances. Alliances create exclusion. Complicity with one leads to rivalry with the other. Greed for wealth pits all against all. Finally, common malaise creates the need for rapprochement.
All this is brought to the stage with that theatrical exaggeration and a good dose of levity that allows us to distance ourselves, to laugh at these characters and, through them, at ourselves as well. And, why not, to desire a better world together.


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