“Un bivio” – Apéro-littéraire with Gaby Lüthi




Readings by Gaby Lüthi, in Italian and Schwytzerdütsch
with performances by Ensembleblö
(Sara Cheda, Annette Fiaschi, Lara Magrini, Dagmar Setz-Gasmann, Muriel Thierry)

A journey, planned for one year that became two, to discover community, ecological and non-hierarchical realities of life in neighboring Italy and in less neighboring South America. Two years of travel, during which we visited and learned about various so-called alternative living experiences because we were eager to find out how they work and how they are viable. We bought an RV so that we would have something akin to a "permanent home" for our two children (who were 4 and 1 1/2 years old at the time of the trip) and left our financially secure and socially well-integrated certainties willing to find a place elsewhere for us and our eventual new life. Travel, fantastic resource for prevention!

Free-will admission

A delicious and refreshing aperitif will follow. For reservations: [email protected]


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