"Vento di vita vera" - Opening night




Anna, a successful urban woman from German-speaking Switzerland, inherits a small house in Val Bavona from her step-aunt Hannah, whom she never knew. Hannah worked there during the construction of the Robiei power plants and lived a simple life. Anna can't imagine what to do with this remote house in Ticino, but travels there and gets to know the wild Bavona Valley and the people it has shaped. And suddenly she has to ask herself very fundamental questions: What is home? Where do I belong?

"Vento di vita vera" (The Wind of True Life) is a plea to constantly realign the compass. The cinematic essay works with a combination of fictional scenes, documentary encounters, impressive archive footage and literary material. Through the story of a young woman, we approach the soul of a landscape that is as rough as it is fascinating.

With Nicole Lechmann as Anna and Claudio Andretta, Walter Sigi Arnold, Ivo Dadò, Remy Dalessi, Doris Femminis, Soraya Fischer, Rachele Gadea-Martini, Silvia Jost, Silvio Leoni, Gabriele Martini, Niklaus Mäder, Jonas Oesch, Laraina Oesch, Alissa Pittaluga, Giacomo Poli, Franz Szekeres – and as special guests: Marco Zappa and Andrea Zogg.

Kurt Koller (Director/Production), Christoph Brander (Scenario), Andrea Capella (Director of Photography), Marco Zappa (Music), Nadine Vasiljevic (Production Assistant)


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