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From 29th June until 17th August 2019, the Galleria degli Amici dell’Arte of Brissago will hosts a collective frammenti di storia for the 40 years of the Gallery.

Works by Claudio Baccalà, Jean-Paul Berta, Antonio Calabrò, Anita Carrara, Fausto Gallotti, Hans Osolin and Delia Pantellini.

Vernissage: Saturday 29th June 2019, at 17.00h in the Galleria Amici dell’ Arte Brissago.
Presentation by Dario Bianchi.

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 15.00h - 17.30h
Saturday: 10.00h - 11.30h
Sunday and Monday closed
or by appointment

More info: [email protected] or call tel. 091 793 43 36.


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