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On April 9, 1960, Jean Arp and Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach embark on the cultural trip "Easter in the Holy Land," led by art historian Robert Stoll to discover the cultural heritage of the Middle East. The group stays in Cairo and stops in Giza, where they visit the pyramids and the Sphinx. It later travels to Jerusalem to learn about the city's main holy sites. Mr. and Mrs. Arp extend their stay in Israel at the Ein Hod art village (near Haifa), founded in 1953 by Marcel Janco.
The meeting with Janco - a friend with whom he had shared the birth of the Dada movement - and the reality of Ein Hod stimulated Arp, always open and curious, to experiment with new materials and means of expression. Thus were born jewelry creations and ceramic works, made in collaboration with Israeli artist-craftsmen.
To this still largely unknown chapter within Arp's artistic production is dedicated the exhibition at the Fondazione Marguerite Arp.


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