Accademia Dimitri -Variété: Almost Married




The polyhedral? students? of the Dimitri Academy invite you to celebrate a marriage never seen before. At the culmination of their third year, they promise to show you the beauty of Variety, marrying theatre with dance, music and movement, in a variety of different traditions, styles, languages and stories.
This mixture of sweet surprises shakes up the cherished tradition into a crazy ceremony for the whole family.
Do you agree to laugh and cry unconditionally and be surprised? Just say: 'Yes, I do'.

Performers: Candice Bogousslavsky, Salomé Coquoz, Tal Erev, Andrina Hauri, Anaïs Lhérieau, Zoe Notartomaso, Filippo Randi, Liam Rooney, Jolan Van Beek, Rosalie Völlmin, Simon Wahl

Duration 2 x 45 minutes

Suitable for all ages.

Admission: Adults CHF 15 | Children up to 12 years CHF 8


  • Theatre