Accademia Teatro Dimitri - I dodici imperfetti


Twelve flawed but promising people meet. Variété 2018.

With the students of the second Bachelor year of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri: Patrice Bussy, Virginia Cassina, Ettore Chiummo, 
Simone Ganser, Rahel Leutwiler, Luca Lombardi, Saskia Simonet, Simon Thöni, Daniela Catherine Vargas Torres, Florian Timo Voigt, Valea Völcker, Luana Volet. 


Twelve people meet. So imperfect, but so promising. A Man with a stunned look and a hat on his head. A Lady with her thoughts in the air. Another one is silent, although, untamed. Another again, is running after something. One is always there, where he should not be. One, on the other hand, at first sight is perfect, but well hidden, inside him, is an invigorating imperfection. From the meeting of these inclinations, a world apart is created. These twelve characters are set to enchant the audience through acrobatics, dance, singing and music, whether masked or not. Laughter awakes a distant dream, and at the same time, a touch of melancholy.

From the age of 6 years.


directed by: Andrea Herdeg, Colette Roy
music: Oliviero Giovannoni
costums: Franziska Born
make-up: Stephanie Metzner
lights: Helena Mösch, Urs Mösch 
scenes: Urs Mösch, Carmelo Mulé


Ticket prices:

adults CHF 35.00
students CHF 22.00
children until 14 years CHF 12.00

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