Alexej Jawlensky and Marianne Werefkin - Compagni di vita


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For the first time in such an exhaustive way, the two Russian artists are presented together, with more than 100 of their most significant works, witnessing 30 years of shared life. The result of a successful collaboration with the two major German institutions for expressionist art, the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus in Munich and the Museum Wiesbaden, the exhibition highlights all the phases of the two artists, starting with the still realistic works in Russia, to those of their increasingly expressionist maturity in Munich, up to the late years of exile in Switzerland, which testify to Jawlensky's abstract choice, which he would deepen drastically in Wiesbaden, and Werefkin's ever more visionary, intense and anecdotal one in Ascona, her last chosen homeland.

Thanks to a committee of exceptional specialists, the exhibition is accompanied by a substantial catalogue in three languages (D/I/GB), for the Prestel editions of Munich.


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