Allegro cantabile


As part of the festival TeatrOver60 rassegna gratuita.

Theater with the company Faber Teater.


The show is an itinerary in a phonetic dramaturgy, but it is also an ironic game with the various forms with which the theatrical phonè is incarnated on stage. Visual and auditory level are mixed. And so it is possible to "see" the polyphony and "listen" to the movement. Music capable of conveying emotions, which tells stories hidden among the notes, which evokes sound universes, which guides an experience without getting into the chair, with joy and lightness.

Few words, in Italian.


with Francesco Micca, Lodovico Bordignon, Lucia Giordano, Marco Andorno, Paola Bordignon and Sebastiano Amadio
music: Antonella Talamonti
production: Faber Teater


Free entry for people with AVS.
not AVS: CHF 10.00


Info and booking: 091 792 21 21, [email protected]



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