Almost Married



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Almost Married
directed by Les Diptik

Variété 2023, third year Bachelor of Arts in Theatre
Dearly beloved, it is with great pleasure that we announce wonderful news: we are getting married!

Everyone will be there, Grandma, grandparents, the priest, the plumber, Sandra, maybe an elephant, the secretary, and even 2 or 3 brides. We'll dance, we'll sing, we'll try to organise a badminton competition, did anyone remember to bake a cake? We will exchange vows, we are against the use of rings, and Michael has repaired his lawnmower.
Get ready for this glorious upside-down ritual that combines tradition and dream, shattering expectations and honouring love and the absurd.
It's our wedding and you're invited!

The multifaceted students of the Dimitri Academy invite you to celebrate a wedding never seen before. At the culmination of their third year, they promise to show you the beauty of Variety, marrying theatre with dance, music and movement, in a variety of different traditions, styles, languages and histories.
This mixture of sweet surprises shakes up the cherished tradition into a crazy ceremony for the whole family.
Do you agree to laugh and cry unconditionally and be surprised? Just say: 'Yes, I do'.

Performers: Candice Bogousslavsky, Salomé Coquoz, Tal Erev, Andrina Hauri, Anaïs Lhérieau, Zoe Notartomaso, Filippo Randi, Liam Rooney, Jolan Van Beek, Rosalie Völlmin, Simon Wahl
Duration 2 x 45 minutes

Suitable for all ages

Tickets in Verscio
Admission: Adults CHF 35 | Students CHF 22 | Children up to 14 years CHF 12

Places are limited and reservation is compulsory.
Reservations: [email protected] / 091 252 14 01


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