André Desponds accompagna il film muto “Steamboat Bill Jr.”




André Desponds plays music for the silent film with Buster Keaton.

The well-known pianist and master of improvisation André Desponds sets the silent movie comedy "Steamboat Bill Jr.", a masterpiece with Buster Keaton from 1928, to music live on the piano, just like in the old days.

On the banks of the Mississippi River, a long-standing feud smolders between two steamboat owners. Old Steamboat Bill tries to hold his own against the overpowering competition of the rich Mr. King. The film contains the famous scene in which the facade of a house falls on Steamboat Bill Jr. during the hurricane - but exactly with a window opening, so that nothing happens to him.

Ages 8 and up | 75 min. | Silent film accompanied by live music


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