Andy Warhol - Le Capsule del Tempo


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Andy Warhol, “Le Capsule del Tempo”
From 4th September until 21st November ’21

Foundation Majid hosts Andy Warhol, International Artist and undisputed genius of Pop Art

His artistic activity includes many works that he produced in series, and repetition was the method of his success. His art, which brought the shelves of a supermarket into a museum or exhibition, was a not too veiled provocation. According to one of the greatest exponents of pop art, art had to be “consumed” like any other commercial product.

Warhol, an infinite man and artist, managed to communicate the tragic nature of existence with its echo of pain, a point of fracture and abandonment corresponding to a moment of living.

The exhibition is a personal experience that highlights the human condition as voluntary obedience to the TIME OF THE CLOCK and the ability of an artist, of talent, to be able to get out of it through painting, that knowledge of the soul that is not knowledge.


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