Anita Spinelli. Signs of life



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The Mecrì Foundation is pleased to announce the next exhibition dedicated to the painter Anita Spinelli (1908 Balerna - 2010 Mendrisio), one of the first Swiss artists to have attended the Brera Academy in Milan between the 1920s and 1930s.

Throughout her long artistic career, colour, bright and subtle, is the undisputed protagonist, in a continuous search for freedom and in all possible modes of expression. At the centre of his interests is the human being, his thinking and feeling, his evolution in space and time, in its most varied manifestations, in short in any sign of life.

The exhibition focuses in particular on works designated as 'mixed media', i.e. mainly graphic works, etchings, on which the artist has intervened with colour and ink, creating a truly personal new form of expression. Many of the works are being exhibited for the first time.


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