Art exhibition - Hommes en carton



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From March 21st to April 20th, 2024, the exhibition of painter Manlio Del Curto will be held at the charming Menouno Art Gallery in Muralto. The works, brought together under the title "Hommes en carton," are to be understood as a material support from which sincere and troubled depictions of a sorrowful humanity are born, or as improvised shelter for the many homeless people who spend the night in the cold and wander aimlessly during the day.

The focus on this marginalized reality in the context of one of the most emblazoned metropolises like Paris dates back to 2014 during an extended stay. The artist, questioning the conditions of these segregated people, develops at the same time the first visual impressions in the form of graphic notes that later find their completer and more definitive configuration.


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