Art exhibition - Stories without words



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From November 23, the day of the vernissage, to December 23, 2023, an art exhibition by painter Monique Pilon will be held at the charming Menouno Art Gallery in Muralto.

The paintings, brought together under the title "Stories without words," tell stories, of course, but do not impose them on the viewer, who is free to detect their meaning or to project his or her own stories, emotions and fears into the arrangement of colors. Behind the paintings presented in this exhibition lies a meticulous observation of traces of life, of imprints left behind by man and nature, and the interactions between the two. Who has prevailed over whom? The result looks like a stratification, like colors of paint on an old wall piled up over the years, trying to hide the grooves carved by insects, plants and mold. Colors fade under the influence of weather and pollution, nature re-emerges and imposes itself on a lost civilization. Cities disappear underwater, becoming the new habitat of a different kind of life.

Vernissage: Thursday, November 23 at 6:00 pm.


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