Ascona LandYachting Show 2023



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Visit the first luxury camper show with the most exclusive landyachts in Europe at the Porto Patriziale in Ascona!
The Ascona LandYachting Show presents extraordinary luxury motorhomes, that have never been seen before in Switzerland. The wide range of vehicles on display stretches from small to very large, even some 12-metre landyachts are shown. In addition, caravans from the American cult brand Airstream will be at the event. Super sports cars or classic cars can be taken along in the large landyachts and they offer comfort & design like a real yacht. The show is aimed at enthusiastic campers as well as yacht owners, classic car drivers and golfers, who can perfectly complement their hobbies with landyachting as a form of travel. The show is free to attend for the public on all days.


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