Autour du masque


A performance directed by Pierre Byland.

Mankind, in order to survive, has used a ruse: transforming itself to appear stronger, smarter, better looking...and invented the mask. Such an opportunity for theatre!

The actor is transformed thanks to the mask. And when were not in agreement with the mask, they invent the counter-mask.
What an extraordinary means to be able to go beyond the realism of everyday life! To invent a style of play which can come close to the tragic, the farcical, the abstract, the surreal.

A residence at Teatro San Materno and a workshop held by Pierre Byland, culminating in a performance in the outdoor area of the theatre.

Tickets: CHF 10.00
til 16 years free

The seats are not numbered.

Reservations: at tel. 079 646 16 14
Reservations online:

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