CANCELLED - Observation of the "swallow theatre" with music



The 2022 edition is cancelled due to bad weather.

Are you in the mood of a Sunday morning in a convivial atmosphere, in the nature of the Centovalli, with exceptional African music, observation of the "theatre of swallows" returning from Africa and a nice brunch with the products of the Corte di Sotto farm?

We look forward to seeing you SUNDAY 3 APRIL from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (approx.) at Corte di Sotto.
On the programme:
- observation of the arrival of swallows from Africa at Corte di Sotto (Rasa)
- musical entertainment with the young actor and musician Mamadou Soma and the well-known multi-instrumentalist Simon Winsé (unexpectedly travelling in Switzerland... we grabbed this flying opportunity!), both from Burkina Faso, who will be playing the kora ("lute harp", a stringed instrument very common in West Africa), the traditional flute and the arc à bouche.
- brunch with local products from the Centovalli (Corte di Sotto farm owned by Sabrina Weber and Luca Meyer)
Meeting point: directly at Corte di Sotto (reachable from Rasa in 20 minutes on foot, or from Corcapolo in an hour and a quarter).
An evento of the Centovalli Festival Camedo (22-24 April 2022) "To fly away or to stay?", freely inspired by the theme of the migration of swallows.
Information: [email protected], tel. 079 786 04 59 (Stefan Bütschi)


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