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An unmissable and fun journey between fantasy and reality. The wonder of illusion, the poetry of great magic. Gestures and words, illusions, wonder, disbelief and disorientation. On stage two great protagonists of the magic scene: the popular illusionist Luca Bono (assisted by Sabina Iannece), Italian Champion of Magic graduated in Paris with the Golden Madrake and Marco Aimone first magician graduated from Silvan Magic Academy, for several years President of the Circle Friends of Magic in Turin, the most important magic circle in the world after those of London and Los Angeles.

A meeting and a comparison between different and complementary magic techniques and languages. The spontaneity and immediacy of the young and talented Luca Bono, a normal boy able to realize exceptional things, will alternate with the irony and experience of Marco Aimone, in a cocktail of small and big illusions, jokes and improvisation, able to amaze, surprise and amuse in a whirlwind of unpredictable magic frames. The magic declined with a modern and original style that goes beyond the stereotype of the magician impomatato with cylinder and wand to take new paths, between innovation, wonder and humor, with brio, elegance and self-irony.

75 minutes of fun, amazement and wonder for everyone: from adults to the youngest.


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