Music G. Bizet
Choreography Agnese Omodei Salè / Federico Veratti

Carmen in the collective imagination is the embodiment of femininity and seduction. Beautiful and nonconformist, passionate and desired, she challenges anyone who wants to submit her, using her charm and personality to get whatever she wants.
The suite of the Balletto di Milano, between passionate pas de deux and the many lively ensemble dances of Gitani, Soldati and Sigaraie, traces the story of the beautiful gypsy who, moved by a love of freedom and independence, will remain unconditionally true to herself even if aware that this will lead to her death.
A ballet created on the beautiful music of Georges Bizet, not only taken from the opera of the same name, but also from the two Suites and from the Arlesienne n. 2 whose sounds emphasize the story and the climate of energy and passion.

TANGOS contemporary visions
Music and choreography by various authors

In the second part of the evening TANGOS is pure emotion and energy. It is tango not as a codified art, with its own universally shared and unchanged patterns over the centuries, but as a creative form in constant evolution. The Milan Ballet, looking at the tango traditionally created and danced by the people, plays between styles, milongas and contemporary tangos to offer a vision generated by new interpretations and unexpected forms on particular musical sounds. The pièce is divided into three scenes which are the expression and vision of each choreographer.


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